Monday, 12 April 2010

Tiger 1, late

Tamiya Tiger 1, late
The Tamiya Tiger isn't a 'brilliant' kit, but with the right amount of PE & upgrading to be honest could hold its head up against a Dragon, I reckon. At roughly £25.00 for the base-kit you have £20 to spend before you catch up with the off the shelf Dragon numbers at the moment.

Close ups;

This build had the following items;

* 1/35 Tamiya Tiger 1 late version, ref 35146
* Friul ATL-06 TIGER I middle-late (89 per side)
* Voyager Model PE35056 for WWII German Tiger 1 Late Version (for AFV Club 35079)
* Voyager Model Tiger 1 turret bin (PEA055)
* Voyager Model Cleaning Rod for Tiger 1 (ME-A054)
* Lion Roar Tiger 1 barrel (not latest)
* ATAK Zimmerit
* RB Models shackles
* AFV Club 600mm idler wheels taken from the AFV Club Sturmtiger kit
* Dragon styrene tow cable & track cable eyes
* Karaya 0.5mm soft copper wire for the track cable
* Aber PE tool clasps & camouflage loops

I hope you enjoy this buold & if you have inquiries or comments, please don’t hesitate to post ‘em!

Bill Hazard

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