Monday, 14 June 2010


Tigerholics anonymous...

The Tigerfest is well underway!
Hang tight & I'll upload some stats & pictures ASAP.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Great Tiger Tank Robbery!

Early Tiger 1, Fgst 250053

WIP shots;

The TMD mantlet;

The TMD asymmetrical Tiger 1, early turret;

The assembled gun and mantlet;

Early Tiger 1, Fahrgestell 250053 (Wa Preuf 6)

Completed in mid-December 1942 this Tiger was confiscated by Wa Preuf 6 for testing and was subsequently modified by cutting the hull side extensions for tow shackles and changing to the gummigefederten Stahllaufrollen (rubber-cushioned, steel-tyred roadwheels).

Being the 53rd Tiger 1 hull manufactured we know that it had an escape hatch on the right rear, which commenced with Turm 46. Furthermore; from the picture we can see a reinforced gun mantlet, which we noted in my last Tiger 1 build (believed to be from hull number 250041). More photgraphs and build abstract of this Tiger will be uploaded soon.

On first glance this Tiger has the feel of a ‘Fehrmann’ Tiger, yet it lacks the field-upgrade Zimmerit, or the cut-off cupola hatch stopper and is different in a few other subtle ways.

The reference picture I have to work on shows several new features on this build alone, despite the fact that this Tiger 1 was manufactured mere days after the last one (in fact, just 11 Tigers were completed between the two).

The new features include;

* Standard front mudguards
* Early-style rear frame-mounted hinged mudguards
* glacis plate mounted long-handled shovel
* Another style of reinforced binocular mantlet

Identifying features of this build include;
* 250053 written on the bow plate
* Encircled ‘134’ written on the bow plate
* Encircled 131 written on the glacis plate
* Driver’s KFF2 binocular vision ports above the armoured Klappe
* Hull mounted twin Bosch lights
* Lack of S-mine launching mounts
* Prescence of Feifel mounting apparatus, but no Feifel
* Early-style idler wheel
* Early-style sprocket wheel
* Turret-mounted smoke dischargers
* Lack of Zimmerit
* Earlier (larger) gun muzzle break, which is applied upside down (the retaining screw being downward-most)
* December 1942 upper hull tool configuration including tow wire placement
* Early-style angulated side fender runs without triangular braces
* Later style rounded tow shackles
* Lack of Gepack Kasten

Wa Preuf upgrades present;

* Late-style tracks with chevrons
* Steel roadwheels (later style)
* Cut-away towing pintles
* Long, bent sighting vane mounted to the upper part of the mantlet
For this build I shall use the following items;
* Tamiya Tiger 1 Initial ‘DAK’ for the upper hull, sprocket and idler wheels
* Tamiya Tiger 1, late for the lower hull & running gear arms
* Dragon 6253 Tiger 1, late for the later style steel rimmed roadwheels smaller accessories such as side fenders
* AFV Club late-style Tiger 1 battle tracks
* Tiger Model Designs mantlet
* Tiger Model Designs resin detailing camouflage loops
* Tank Workshop Tiger 1 glacis plate (without mudguards)
* Voyager Model front & rear Tiger 1 mudguards
* Lion Roar Tiger 1, Early PE set
* RB Models Tiger 1 barrel

More to come!