Thursday, 30 September 2010

Panzer III Ausf N (early)

Dragon 6606 with extras

This is Dragon's 2010 release 1/35 Panzer III Ausf N with Winterketten (DML 6606).
I have upgraded it with two Voyager photoetch sets and Friul Winterketten. In addition I have added field-applied Zimmerit using Squadron Green putty. Generally I found both photoetch sets to be great, but the set dedicated to both Dragon 6474 & 6606 (PE35337) was a little soft on some specific details for the early Panzer III Ausf N; for example it lacks wiring detailing for the turret smoke dischargers, it also lacks the the PE exhaust shrouds and has an incorrect antenna cradle for the early Ausf N (the cradle for the early Ausf N should not be sloped). That said, the fender set is absolutely faultless - I can't recommend it highly enough.
The overall effect of the built Panzer is impressive in the flesh, yet the completed model feels somewhat precarious as the fenders are only suspended by the four side-struts.
I hope to give this little Panzer a funky Tritonal scheme and look forward to sharing the paint process with you. I will be building DML 6474 as a comparison very soon - with Voyager & Friuls to boot, so keep an eye out!
Catch you later & thanks for looking.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Panzer III Ausf N (early) with field-applied Zimmerit

Waffle Zimmerit pattern

Following my recent Milliput success I thought that I should have a go with Squadron Green putty. In this instance the victim is the recently released Dragon Panzer III Ausf N (early) Smart Kit. As you can see it is waiting some PE fenders and a bit more detailing, but whilst it had the cut'n'shut approach I thought I would have a go with this stinking goop. The pattern was created with the Lion Roar Zimmerit doe. Where necessary I softened the putty with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement if it had cured too quickly (only in one area was this necessary). Sadly, I don't favour Squadron Green for Zimmerit as it has a fast curing time.

The full project will be submitted for publication in the near future, where you can 'read all about it!'

Once again thanks for looking - I appreciate it.

All the best.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Panther II

Tritonal Bolt-head Ambush Camouflage

The picture above is an example of the idea that inspired me to create this build, from the master modeller Tony Greenland. The pictures below are my impression of his work, albiet rough around the edges.
I built and painted this Panzer at the end of 2007, having just been introduced to internet modelling. It was before I had become PE-friendly, yet was still thirsting for the challenge of the air-brush. At my second visit to Telford (in 2007) I bought a seminal work and quite possibly the most influential modelling book in my collection; Tony Greenland's Panzer Modelling Masterclass.
In this highly impressive collection is a Panther II painted with a rather extravagant Tritonal scheme with a Bolt-head Ambush style. To date I have not seen references to confirm its existence, but was thrilled to have a go during my early days on the Internet.
Please find below my homage to Tony's impressive camouflage. Sure, I can easily spot the soft details of my build, the retained tell-tale styrene nodes and bit of careless oil paint work on my behalf, not to mention the rough figure, but I am still pleased with the outcome of the underlying principles of the Bolt-head Ambush camouflage.
The kit is Dragon's older Panther II, the barrel a turned aluminium one and the tracks Friul (King Tiger transport tracks).

Thanks for looking!


Saturday, 11 September 2010

King Tiger

Summer 1944; first of the Henschel turrets

Please find posted the fruits of my labour to produce Milliput Zimmerit - this is the Tamiya King Tiger (production turret) with Tamiya Jagdtiger tracks and Aber PE grenade screens. In an effort to avoid my usual detail-fest I have specifically refrained from most photo-etch and deleted all OVM tools, fenders, mudguards and the front Bosch light. There are one or two points of interest on the hull/turret, but I spent most of my time wrestling with the challenge that I have contemplated for quite a while. I am extremely pleased with the outcome.
When I get to it (soon) this AFV will be my practice-piece for a re-introduction to my air brush after a year's painting moratorium. Thanks for looking!
Wish me luck...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Zimmerit in 1/35

First full-AFV practice with Milliput

As promised I wanted to share my first total Milliput Zimmerit AFV project.
This Zimmerit was added using Standard (Yellow) Milliput - it is approximately 0.6mm thick and was left about 30-60 minutes to cure before adding the texture, which was created using the AFV Club Zimmerit doe. The Milliput was mixed by hand for approximately 5 minutes, then conditioned using a roller about 8 times - I then rolled the Milliput into a very thin layer, before applying the sheets & cutting to size in-situ. I tried to avoid using too much water for lubrication of the doe, as I find this tends to cause the Milliput to go into a less workable slurry, however, have found it essential to went the doe slightly, to do this I roll it onto a damp kitchen towel before apply the Zimmerit pattern. The doe reamins damp enough to avoid pulling the Milliput for about 5-10 rolls.

The kit is Tamiya 1/35 King Tiger, ref 35164.
Thanks for the inspiration from Phil Appleyard's Zimmerit-it blog...oh, and thanks for looking!
After this KT comes a Tamiya Tiger 1 with either Standard Milliput or Aves Apoxie Clay.


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tiger 1, early

January 1943 production

This is the Dragon 2010 release of the Tiger 1, Initial, which has been upgraded to a January 1943 version using Model Kasten Tiger 1 road wheels, Model Kasten transport tracks, Voyager PE dedicated to the Tamiya Tiger 1, early, a modified Voyager pre-production (Afrika troop) PE turret bin, an early Tiger 1 Tamiya turret escape hatch, an RB Models brass antenna and early Tiger 1 aluminium barrel with brass muzzle.

There are a number of scratched details (such as the cupola rain shield posts and resin casting numbers on the mantlet and armoured exhaust covers) and kitbashed items (such as the hull sides, which are taken from DML 6253).

This kit presented a reasonable challnge, but was hugely rewarding once complete. I will be finishing the build and offering it for publication. It represents the January 1943 version of the Tiger 1, which is chronologically the fifth in my series of detailed Tiger builds.

Thanks for looking!


Friday, 3 September 2010

Panzer IV Ausf J, initial

This is the Cyber Hobby Panzer IV Ausf J 2-in-1 Smart Kit. The essential difference between this and the former Ausf (H) is the absence of the turret traverse motor muffler at the rear plate.

This Smart Kit is upgraded with the dedicated Griffon update set including barrel. I chose not to build the AFV with Scurzen or a turret bin in order to display the detailing such as OVM tools and Zimmerit work (done here with Plasto paste), which is often obscured by turret and hull skirts. The kit also has some resin casting numbers added and (TMD) 3-D chain work that is obvious to spot. The antenna is RB Models and the tracks are Friul.

Thanks for looking!
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