Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Panther II

Tritonal Bolt-head Ambush Camouflage

The picture above is an example of the idea that inspired me to create this build, from the master modeller Tony Greenland. The pictures below are my impression of his work, albiet rough around the edges.
I built and painted this Panzer at the end of 2007, having just been introduced to internet modelling. It was before I had become PE-friendly, yet was still thirsting for the challenge of the air-brush. At my second visit to Telford (in 2007) I bought a seminal work and quite possibly the most influential modelling book in my collection; Tony Greenland's Panzer Modelling Masterclass.
In this highly impressive collection is a Panther II painted with a rather extravagant Tritonal scheme with a Bolt-head Ambush style. To date I have not seen references to confirm its existence, but was thrilled to have a go during my early days on the Internet.
Please find below my homage to Tony's impressive camouflage. Sure, I can easily spot the soft details of my build, the retained tell-tale styrene nodes and bit of careless oil paint work on my behalf, not to mention the rough figure, but I am still pleased with the outcome of the underlying principles of the Bolt-head Ambush camouflage.
The kit is Dragon's older Panther II, the barrel a turned aluminium one and the tracks Friul (King Tiger transport tracks).

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