Sunday, 5 September 2010

Zimmerit in 1/35

First full-AFV practice with Milliput

As promised I wanted to share my first total Milliput Zimmerit AFV project.
This Zimmerit was added using Standard (Yellow) Milliput - it is approximately 0.6mm thick and was left about 30-60 minutes to cure before adding the texture, which was created using the AFV Club Zimmerit doe. The Milliput was mixed by hand for approximately 5 minutes, then conditioned using a roller about 8 times - I then rolled the Milliput into a very thin layer, before applying the sheets & cutting to size in-situ. I tried to avoid using too much water for lubrication of the doe, as I find this tends to cause the Milliput to go into a less workable slurry, however, have found it essential to went the doe slightly, to do this I roll it onto a damp kitchen towel before apply the Zimmerit pattern. The doe reamins damp enough to avoid pulling the Milliput for about 5-10 rolls.

The kit is Tamiya 1/35 King Tiger, ref 35164.
Thanks for the inspiration from Phil Appleyard's Zimmerit-it blog...oh, and thanks for looking!
After this KT comes a Tamiya Tiger 1 with either Standard Milliput or Aves Apoxie Clay.


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