Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tiger 1, early

January 1943 production

This is the Dragon 2010 release of the Tiger 1, Initial, which has been upgraded to a January 1943 version using Model Kasten Tiger 1 road wheels, Model Kasten transport tracks, Voyager PE dedicated to the Tamiya Tiger 1, early, a modified Voyager pre-production (Afrika troop) PE turret bin, an early Tiger 1 Tamiya turret escape hatch, an RB Models brass antenna and early Tiger 1 aluminium barrel with brass muzzle.

There are a number of scratched details (such as the cupola rain shield posts and resin casting numbers on the mantlet and armoured exhaust covers) and kitbashed items (such as the hull sides, which are taken from DML 6253).

This kit presented a reasonable challnge, but was hugely rewarding once complete. I will be finishing the build and offering it for publication. It represents the January 1943 version of the Tiger 1, which is chronologically the fifth in my series of detailed Tiger builds.

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  1. nice work Bill...she looks absolutely stunning...and nice to see some variation and rework on the initial Tiger from Dragon...I wouldn't dare to do this kind of work. Nicely done!