Sunday, 26 September 2010

Panzer III Ausf N (early) with field-applied Zimmerit

Waffle Zimmerit pattern

Following my recent Milliput success I thought that I should have a go with Squadron Green putty. In this instance the victim is the recently released Dragon Panzer III Ausf N (early) Smart Kit. As you can see it is waiting some PE fenders and a bit more detailing, but whilst it had the cut'n'shut approach I thought I would have a go with this stinking goop. The pattern was created with the Lion Roar Zimmerit doe. Where necessary I softened the putty with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement if it had cured too quickly (only in one area was this necessary). Sadly, I don't favour Squadron Green for Zimmerit as it has a fast curing time.

The full project will be submitted for publication in the near future, where you can 'read all about it!'

Once again thanks for looking - I appreciate it.

All the best.


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