Saturday, 11 September 2010

King Tiger

Summer 1944; first of the Henschel turrets

Please find posted the fruits of my labour to produce Milliput Zimmerit - this is the Tamiya King Tiger (production turret) with Tamiya Jagdtiger tracks and Aber PE grenade screens. In an effort to avoid my usual detail-fest I have specifically refrained from most photo-etch and deleted all OVM tools, fenders, mudguards and the front Bosch light. There are one or two points of interest on the hull/turret, but I spent most of my time wrestling with the challenge that I have contemplated for quite a while. I am extremely pleased with the outcome.
When I get to it (soon) this AFV will be my practice-piece for a re-introduction to my air brush after a year's painting moratorium. Thanks for looking!
Wish me luck...


  1. Hello... Just found your blog! Must say its a cracking blog.... Im a new, older modeller! Must be a mid-life crisis! LOL Just starting again after twenty odd years since i last touched a kit. Just aquired the italeri Tiger 1 hybrid. Looking for help and hints.... So thought id start here. Am a fan of odd and unusual panzers... Mark

  2. Hello Mark

    Welcome back to the hobby & good luck with the Italeri hybrid Tiger 1 - if you stick around long enough you will catch a version of that made with Tamiya/Aber parts & a whole heap of other aftermarket bits.

    If you would like to catch me & ask specific questions on techniques etc you are welcome to do so either here or else on my Tiger Evolution thread on Military Modelling's website (follow the 'Tiger Evolution' link on the right).

    All the best & happy modelling!