Friday, 16 April 2010

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf F1, Vorpanzer

Under New Management!

This is the Cyber Hobby Vorpanzer IV Ausf F1 (Smart Kit ref 6398) built approximately two years ago before I started super-detailing. Amazingly the kit took just 6 days to construct, but a little longer to paint with all of those Dragon figures (each sporting a hornet head).

The colour scheme is created using Lifecolor paints and the project was my first experience with MIGments. I hope you like it!

Keep an eye out for regular updates - I have plenty more where this one comes from.

Bill Hazard


  1. Yet again Bill, really nice work.
    I like the concept of the Russian PzIV-ski, my only critisisn is that I think it could have used a tank crew member too, it would add a little ballance to the riders.
    But beautiful never the less.

  2. Hi Bill, very nice blog. Great work to. I hope I won't shock you be one thing is bugging me: The name imprinted in the middle of the image. I don't thing is necessary... Just put in in a corner. I hope I don't insult you but I would enjoy your work a lot better is you made that change. I am sure I am not the only one.

    Best regard

  3. Hi Spurty; thanks mate. I don't suppose I was thinking about the dynamics of a crewmember amongst the infantry when I assembled this lot of tank riders - just doing them took enough concentration! I'll bear that in mind for future builds.

    Thanks for looking in & catch you later!


  4. Salut Olivier; thank you for your comment.

    One of the issues that held me back from starting such a web-based collection was the inability to watermark my images, but I recently acquired the tech to do it, so I am still in the learning process.

    A while ago I noticed some of my work on a website attributed to an unknown modeller, which slightly piqued me; hence the decision to watermark my work, not least to spread the word, but also to identify it as my work. I appreciate your position and will consider toning down the lettering, or even repositioning it; once I have found a happy medium I will edit all current images.

    Talking of which; please remember to look back sometimes, as I am editing previous submissions and loading up more images of previous builds.

    Any more constructive criticism would be gratefully received, so please fellas - post up!


  5. Nice work mate, the arrangement of the figs is spot on.


  6. Very original work here Bill. There is something that about the "Vorpanzer" look that grabs one (at least me).

  7. Thanks Stu & Dan

    Nice to have you look in & comment.

    For a CH kit this was a particularly undemanding build, yet sublimely detailed OOB.


  8. Love this IV - now for a few more of the page's goodies - NICE WORK