Sunday, 20 February 2011

StuG III, late

The last of the line

Hi Guys!

Please find posted pictures of the Imperial Dragon StuG III, late with PE upgrade, Friuls and an almunium barrel.  This is the last of the Take Five brigade; I hope that you like them, each and every one - I certainly had a great deal of fun building, painting and weathering them.  My wife still can't work out what happened to her toothbrush...he he.

Hopefully MilMod will arrange for a photo feature for each one of them, at which time you'll get to see the horrible truth - the camera never lies, after all!

Thanks for looking in!



  1. That one still has to be my favorite Bill, something about that "saukopf" mantlet on 'em.
    Every one has been a treat to follow, GREAT WORK 'ol friend


  2. Hi Dale

    Thanks for your comment; I appreciate the feedback. I agree - the Saukopf is a corker; in this instance it is an Armorscale resin one with a weld line added.