Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dragon Panzer IV Ausf H with Zimmerit

Hi Guys!

Here is my Dragon Panzer IV Ausf H, late with moulded Zimmeirt (DML 6560) with RB Model barrels, antennae & antenna base, Voyager PE & Friuls.

It too 3 months to build.

I hope you like it - I certainly took a great deal of pleasure from building it.




  1. Great work on that one Bill!

  2. I just discovered your blog since a loong stop in my modelling hobby.
    What to say... Chapeau, messieur!
    You absolutely rock in your modelling style! I discovered, funny thing that is, that we could be twins separated after birth for what is your/mine choice of aftermarket and the like... the sad thing - for me, I mean - that you build in these years lots and lots of beautiful masterpieces, while I only stashed away thousands of quids/bucks/euros value of kits and accessories...
    And that's the difference between the master and the wannabe! ;-)
    Fabio - Firenze, Italy

  3. Thanks for looking in & commenting chaps - much appreciated. Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition: Dargon Panzer IV Ausf H (mid) with Zimmerit, DML 6611 (like this, but with Feifel)...along with all the Voyager, RB Model & Friul updates, of course.