Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sturmgeschütz IV

The Man with the Golden (Assault) Gun!

This amalgamation of aftermarket goodies adorns Tamiya's little old StuG IV, built before I got my hands on the recently released Dragon Smart Kits. I had intended to paint it up soon after construction, but I didn't quite get around to it...until now. The Zimmerit is Eduard, as is most of the PE save the fenders, which are Voyager Model's generic Panzer IV fenders. The tracks are Friul, the gun is Eduard, the antenna is Aber and the chains are TMD. You can see there is a fair bit of kit-basing going on, as the running gear, which is mainly Tristar, but the idlers and sprockets are Dragon, is entirely donated as I felt the original Tamiya moulds were too poor to use. I hope you like it & look forward to painting it and letting you see the assault gun resplendant with a full set of skirts.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Went right for the soft spot with a StuG 'ol buddy. She's a knockout!!!! Downright eye appeal with all the extras you've got.

    Keep em coming

    Red Eye

  2. Thanks Red Eye!

    Keep a look-out'n'you'll get to see a whole passel more soon - I have started to paint aften an eighteen month hiatus. Just getting back into my stride, right about now.

    Cheers, Old Friend!


  3. Oh I'll be keeping a look out Lil'Bear, I'm a subscriber!! LOL!
    Seriously looking forward to the paint though. You've always done great with it.

    Red Eye