Friday, 1 October 2010

Tamiya Panzer III Ausf N with Voyager upgrades

Built in 2010 this little beauty has a few grey styrene Dragon spares on it, but for the most part is Tamiya with Voyager. Having just build the DML 6606 kit with Voyager upgrade, I feel that this Voyager upgrade for the Tamiya model is far better.

These four pictures of the Tamiya Panzer III Ausf N show a little jiggery pokery to the cupola and a lot of PE upgrading a la Voyager.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable build, made even more special by the Voyager PE.

I hope you like it!



  1. hi,
    have bought the same kit and now thinking of whether to invest in voyager PE. having seen you build, its quite the worthwhile investment.
    Are you able to share how difficult was to remove the plaster fenders and attach the PE ones. From what i can see the fenders are molded tother with the top hull, so its seems like a quite a major operation to replace with the PE ones.

  2. hi,
    got the same kit from tamiya and mulling whether to get the voyager PE. having seen your build i am more convinced towards investing in one.
    Are you able to share with us on how difficult was it to cut out the fender and replace it with the PE ones ? as far i can see, the original plaster fender is moulded with the top hull so it seems like quite a daunting operation.

    thanks in adv

  3. Not really; all you have to do is be controlled & make sure not to worry about trashing the kit (which you wont if you take your time). I used a Swann Morton blade to make the cut line & then with repeated strokes cut down repeatedly & afterwards sanded the edge with a fine nail file from Boots the Chemist.

    Good luck!